Oops, she did it again! 

Candy Samples is back with a brand-new 5 song EP, Sample That! 


The mistress of the microphone is back and better than ever, featuring her soon to be classic, “If I Had Only Left (Two Shots Earlier)”.   Available on iTunes, Rhapsody and Amazon.com.  Buy your copy today!

Can you handle?

Ripped from the headlines, “Sweet Scandal” is Candy’s latest comment on the trend of political and celebrity scandals that monopolize the news.  Whether Lindsay Lohan and her ‘sticky fingers’ or Anthony Weiner unsure if that is actually his crotch he’s tweeting across America, Candy raises up the ante while adding her own humor to the situation. 

“Own up to your freaky-deaky ways and move on.  The world has bigger fish to fry”, exclaims Samples.  “That’s what ‘Sweet Scandal’ is all about!”

Digital download available 8/23/11 on iTunes and Amazon.com!


The debut EP of Candy Samples is now available for purchase on most major online retailers.  Candy is going green in this digital-only release.  For the low, low price of just under $5, it’s quite the bargain in these tough economic times. 


Ms. Samples joins up with Alan Parker and Jesse Sklar to pen the tunes that audiences in NYC have come to love.  Whether serving up a hearty helping of “Green Bean Casserole”, swaying to a “Slow Dance” or just feeling “Boy Crazy”, Candy has a song just for you!


Purchase your copy today -- and tell ‘em Candy sent ya.